Update 1/16/7

Hey guys,

I said I’ve been having some health issues and I’ve finally been diagnosed and will need surgery for uterine fibroids. I’ve had a lot of extra appointments for myself as well as those I’ve cared for.

What does this mean for my Simlit blog? I’m just planning on trying to finish up the QFI summary and concluding the Wild Hearts generation 2 while I finish up dealing with these health issues.

In the meantime, since I’m now at the point I’ll be working on developing my comics I’ve decided to cut down to two stories here at a time so I’d like your feedback on what to do. I might put one of my legacies on hold to do the Ambrosia Challenge first. Please tell me what you’d rather I do in the comments.


Update 1/5/17

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for dropping out of sight but I’ve had some health issues over and above what I usually deal with so I didn’t really feel in the mood to do anything creative. This is mainly because when I get my real life responsibilities done I’m so tired or drained to concentrate. Though my health issue has yet to be diagnosed I am feeling better and so I will be getting back to working on my simlit this week.

The bottom line is that I only want to promise I will have more of the summary for QFI up next week and will have at least that finished by the end of January. Depending on how things go for me health wise I may or may not be able to more out in February. See you soon.

Update 11/28/16

Hello, everyone, I hope you all are well.

I had a bit of a hiccup in my plans because I’m having to take on more of my sister’s care and it hasn’t been as smooth a transition as I’d hoped. I will have the last part of the QFI summaries out as soon as possible but it is looking like it might be January before I have regular updates again.

Thanks for all of your patience.

QFI Part 2 Summary: Part A

Note: If you’ve been reading my notes you know that my Sims 3 is no longer working. I decided to give a summary of how Liam’s story would’ve played out, so it’s not left hanging. Before I do that, I thought I’d share some pictures of the kids I did take because a baby challenge is all about the genetics.


I did create an actual resort with the game mechanics for the Gothic Resort gang. This is the last picture I took of all of them. Clockwise is Bernard with his wife and kids now are young adults. I took this to commemorate Celeste’s marriage so she and her new hubby, Zebulon. Beverly and Ben are next to Alberto, and the little girl is Alberto’s daughter Linnet.


Bast’s children Ramases and Tanis.


Aliki Jennings’ triplets:  Olivia, Octavia, and Odelia Jennings.


Isa Crane’s Triplets: Paige, Quiana, and Orlando Crane.


Asewuk Qi’Zozivun’s twins: Robert and Reina.


Doll Marine’s triplets: Sable, Saffron, and Sage Marine.


Regret Montigo’s children:  Samuel, Safari and Sahara Montigo.


Erica Montigo’s twins: Shaneil and Sabrina Montigo.

I’m sorry I won’t get to see how these kids turned out as adults. If you are wondering how close I got to complete the challenge I was at 54 kids, so it was a little over halfway. 100 BC are challenging and fun, so I’m sorry I couldn’t finish it.

Note: Part 2 of Quest for Immortality was to cross over with Kethrydrake’s Alien Baby Challenge and Nay83’s Love for the Ladies, and I’ll be posting links for chapters in those stories where the crossover is applicable if you’d like to see some of the events in their stories. I managed to take a few pictures before the game crashed that I will include in this part of the summary.

This summary will be broken down into sections using the chapter titles since this outline was in an advanced stage with me having planned all of Part 2 out and it will make it easier to read if it has some structure instead of a long rambling post.

Harem Begins

The next chapter would’ve opened with Liam’s house still being packed to the gills with the women and alien hermaphrodite guests.


Francisa Lawton, true to her bargain with Liam, would’ve been posting a daily blog post regarding Liam’s unusual life describing it as a harem much to Liam’s displeasure. She would’ve done some interviews with the harem and published them in the local newspaper. Some of these posts and articles would’ve been posted like interludes. (If you are interested Kethrydrake did write one for Rommich and you can see it in Alien Baby Challenge Log entries #73, #74) . These articles and the blog begin to get him a celebrity status which Liam at first enjoys.

Liam grows increasingly alarmed as the spell placed on them by Seth makes them increasingly aggressive.

All in the Family


Liam is trying to dodge and avoid Erica and Regret Montigo determined only to touch them again to have enough children to break the spell. He hoped to hide their presence from the other Montigos for as long as possible as well telling them not to tell any of them where they were. This doesn’t last long.

Liam finds out how misguided this attempt was when his son Borage (if you remember he’s Liam and Zinnia’s son that had his story called Love for the Ladies by Nay83) comes knocking on the door accusing Liam of seducing his half-sister Erica. Liam tries to explain he was tricked by Regret and Erica, but Borage doesn’t want to listen. He is certain that it’s all Liam’s fault since Regret rubbed it into Rosette painting it as some sort of torrid love affair. Regret and Erica refuse to leave, and Borage reluctantly goes vowing never to speak to Liam again much to his distress.

After this event, Liam becomes increasingly more reclusive as the year goes on and hides in his room, avoiding everyone as much as he can. He only comes out to spend some time with his kids.

Seasons Change and Sims Change, Part 1: Summer

Liam is bored but still wanting some interaction he begins entering some chat rooms and finds among those looking for hook-ups after seeing his name is a girl going by the screen name SecretAdmirer1234 who is just trying to be nice. They enter a private chat, and he says how he’s feeling trapped in his home despite how Francisa’s Blog makes it sound. She sympathizes and encourages him not to give up. Feeling a bit better Liam begins a book determined to use it as an excuse to avoid the women until the current toddlers become child aged. Occasionally he is cornered here and there spending time with Levi and Laella but he continues to avoid the ones that make him the most uncomfortable: the Montigos and Rommich Exipehl. Rommich does get Liam to give him some sperm samples and makes a few passes at him continuing to freak Liam out who continues to struggle with the alien’s duel gender preferring to just consider him “gay”(If you are interested you can see Rommich’s POV of this period in Alien Baby Challenge Log entries #75#76, & #77)

By the time of the next age up happens in the summer tensions are high. Even though Bast is trying to intervene and make the party less stressful for the children, a fight almost breaks out with the Montigos demanding they get Liam next. Bast disappears, and Liam decides to give in to the Montigos demands since they seemed to be serious about getting violent. Tanis goes to find Bast and finds Sekhmet has taken her over. Sekhmet creepily looks Tanis up and down telling her she’s growing up well and she couldn’t wait for her to mature fully. When Sekhmet leaves Tanis pretends everything is fine.

Seasons Change and Sims Change, Part 2: Fall


Levi comes knocking on Liam’s door, and he lets her in since he doesn’t mind her company and she asks him if he’ll be joining in the little house party she’s organizing for Spooky Day to give them all a break from the tension. Liam says he’ll take the young kids out to the festival and maybe join in later and they spend the night together. On Spooky Day after Liam leaves, some arguments occur after he leaves the house. Liam doesn’t join the party when he returns much to the harem’s displeasure. (Kethrydrake wrote out one of these in Alien 100 Baby Challenge  # 82)

Later that night, when the others have gone to bed, Liam goes downstairs, pours himself a drink and then sits on the couch in the living room looking at all the decorations. Laella happens upon him. She confronts him about why he’s evading all of them. Laella tells Liam “You have no idea what its like to want an insufferable jerk like you.” She then kisses him, and they end up making love on the couch.

Seasons Change and Sims Change, Part 3: Winter

Time moves on, and it’s time for Snowflake Day. The tension is worse now with all of the harem presents, Rommich is away visiting his family, showering him with gifts and wanting to get touchy feely with him. He barely gets away from the over-eager crowd when the door bell rings.

It turned out to be Rommich returning after having visited his home and gave Liam a gift. Liam, unhappy to see the alien again and still annoying from being mobbed by the women just before, snaps at him and tries to refuse the gift. (Alien Baby Challenge Log entry #89) Levi whisks Rommich out of the room, and Liam feels embarrassed realizing how harsh he was. These feelings go away when he turns around to find the others are critical of him. Pregnant Erica and Regret side with Liam, but this only makes him angry because he feels they are only doing it to get in his pants. He tells them all he can’t wait until they are all gone from his house and his life because they were just making him miserable. He goes up into his room slamming the door, but Bast asks to speak with him. She tells him he was selfishly thinking only how hard the situation was for him and not thinking of the harem who the spell was pushing them to behave in ways they never would’ve thought. She says she was noticing the women he’d been in contact with were much calmer and the others acting more and more desperate. She warns he might make things worse if he keeps avoiding them.  Liam says this was the only way he knew how to handle it.

After she leaves, Liam has a change of heart and opens the present from Rommich a tablet. He sighs and as he sits at his computer the chat comes up and he smiles recognizing it is SecretAdmirer1234. He smiles and begins chatting with her.

Seasons Change and Sims Change, Part 4: Spring

It’s spring and the second set of the Montigo offspring have been born. (Since I never got to this point in the game I won’t be naming any offspring) This makes them the first to meet the terms of the curse. Erica wants to stay and raise all of her kids, but Liam insists she and Regret leave as soon as the children become toddlers.

It’s late when Liam gets back from meeting with his publisher to turn in his latest manuscript, and he showers and collapses into bed. He wakes up to a pleasurable sensation thinking one of the women must have snuck into his room intent on seducing him. However, when he opens his eyes, he sees its actually Rommich who has been giving him a blow job. He flies into a rage and kicks him out of his room. (Alien Baby Challenge Log entry #90)

Embarrassed and angry Liam stays in his room all day.


The house is in an uproar once Levi, who was there to witness Liam throwing Rommich out of his room, relates what happened. Rommich hides in his room humiliated. Liam also remains cloistered in his room only sneaking out to grab some food. The harem members debate exactly what happened, but no one is willing to invade Liam’s privacy but for Bast whom he turns away. Levi checks on Rommich, but no one else in the house can get a word out of him. (Alien Baby Challenge Log entry #91)

Leah sneaks onto a computer while the others are busy and checks her messages. She is, in fact, SecretAdmirer1234. She finds a message from Liam saying he needs to get away and asks if she wants to get together and spend a passionate night with him in a fantasy weekend. She panics and writes she would be too afraid because she’s a virgin. When he writes back that its fine since he’d be gentle she closes the chat and runs outside finding a quiet spot.

She hears a familiar voice. “Why don’t you take him up on it?”

When she looks up, she sees Seth. She tells him she’s too young and she wouldn’t do it.

He tells her that he can fix that and hands her a potion. “This potion will make you an adult for one night. You could fulfill all your desires and fantasies.”She stares at it clearly torn but finally makes up her mind to refuse it, but Seth is already gone.

Seth’s Interlude #5: Rana Wells

Seth explains to the reader how he’s been watching, and he thinks he’s found the perfect final piece to his puzzle. Rana Wells, former frog, who still holds fantasy in her heart that Liam is her true love sent to rescue her. Seth approaches her and asks her why she gave up on Liam so quickly? She says the Well made a fool of her by making her old so Liam wouldn’t want her.

Seth then offers to give her a potion to make her a young and desirable adult for one night just like he did for Leah. He says he’ll only give it to her if she convinces Leah to go with her and drinks the last potion. She eagerly takes the potion and he, in turn, gives her the Young Adult potion.


Rana, after several attempts, gets Leah to agree with the tryst telling Liam another virgin admirer wanted to meet with him also.

Liam is elated, once again feeling validated as a virial male and when he sees Rommich in the kitchen with Levi, he rubs it in telling him he set up a date intending to anger and embarrass the alien.(Alien Baby Challenge Log entry #92)

He leaves and meets his dates who introduced themselves as Luara, the disguised Leah (who appears as a blonde non-berry young adult), and Rachel, the disguised Rana (who appears as a red-headed young adult). Rana wraps her arms around him and is very flirty, but Leah hangs back and is obviously upset. Leah almost confesses but when Liam wraps his arm around her shoulders, and she looks up into his eyes she can’t help but feel giddy her dream is coming true, so she doesn’t say anything.

  • Rommich Exipehl belongs to  Kethrydrake and was submitted for the harem section in part 2.  I have collaborated with Kethry on all of Rommich’s part in the story.  Rommich has his own challenge The Alien 100 Baby Challenge.
  • Regret Montigo and Erica Montigo appear here with Nay83’s permission.  They are her Sims, and I’d like to thank her for her input on the dialogue and plot ideas.  She writes hilarious stories involving all of her Montigos, including some of Liam’s children, so go to her blog to read about their adventures. 
  • Laella and Leah Marine belong to Nyrakick.  They were submitted for the harem in Part 2.
  • Levi Babur is Mewmewmentor’s Sim created specifically for the harem.

Update 10/19/16

I’m sorry it took me awhile to decide on what I’m going to do going forward with my Simlit blog/stories but my family (including myself) was sick.  My parents that I am caregiving for were sick and it took all my energy to handle my household/caregiving duties while being sick myself. On the bright side it gave me time to figure out where I’m going with hobby writing, business and family responsibilities for the coming year.

Discontinuing Sims 3 Stories

I suppose I should be thankful for the Sims 3 game since it dying automatically decided for me how I was going to reduce my hobby writing. I am discontinuing all my Sims 3 stories as of now but I have decided to end my two stories that I restarted while just not porting over Pet Masters and continuing it.

Quest for Immortality had a lot more to go and the style I was writing it in doesn’t lend itself to being pictureless so I will just be posting a summary so the story isn’t left hanging.

Wild Hearts Generation 2 will be concluded pictureless since its fairly easy to do so continuing the style in which I’m writing it. I won’t be continuing it past Generation 2 but it will be fairly easy to wrap it up with an epilogue.

I’ve decided to post the summary of Quest this month. Starting in December I’ll post one Chapter of Wild Hearts a month at least until its finished.

Sims 4 Stories

My two Sims 4 stories, The Last 100 Years and Freshly Minted, will be continuing as normal with at least 1 chapter posted per month starting in December. Morrison Mansion Mayhem is delayed because I’m having a bit of trouble setting up a restaurant that functions properly. I was hoping to have Morrison Mansion starting posting in December but it looks more like January. I’m very excited for City Life and I’ll probably use my Tumblr to post free play of it but I’ll be keeping my story load to 3 so I have time to write for my comic blog/business as well (again once it starts I’ll announce how you can get the link since I’m trying to keep hobby writing and the other separate so that the sites/accounts I use for it look more professional).

I’ll have a focus story each month starting in January 2017 so during those pushes there will at least me two chapters for that focal story with the others having just one.

Good and Bad News 10/4/16

I’m considering discontinuing finishing my Sims 3 stories since yet again my game has broken some files and gone down. I’m so beyond frustrated with the game now and so I’m considering just doing Sims 4 stories now.

The other thing pushing me towards this is that as I’m learning new software and coming closer to begin work on my own original stories for comics I’m realizing that my time for fun/hobby writing is going to be lesser and that means it will take a long time to finish these even if the game is somewhat stable. With it taking forever to load and breaking every other month it means instead of enjoying Simlit I’m stressing and trying to repair it.

Anyway, I’ll be letting you know in a couple of days for sure. If I can’t figure it what is wrong tomorrow night I think I’m done.

I hope you won’t be mad at me if I discontinue Quest and Wild Hearts too much. I suppose I could post a summary of what would’ve happened if you guys want it. Anyways, I just thought I’d post here a little update on this.