A Quick Update as of 9/15/16

I know I suddenly disappeared without warning but I had several unexpected things happen that just destroyed any hope I had of time to write or screenshot anything.

I won’t bore you with all the details but last weekend I had a computer problem due to some software I tried that wouldn’t 100% uninstall off my mac. That took up all spare time Thursday-Saturday. I took Sunday off from everything and then all the relatively free days I originally had this week were eaten up by unforeseen things. So that’s why I wasn’t able to finish any posts.

If all goes well today and tomorrow I should have some time starting Sunday to work on Simlit again. My real life can get a bit hectic but at least one reason I’ll have no time until Sunday is for some fun reasons (one being an opera).

Well, that’s all the time I have at the moment. I’ll post an update on Sunday and I’m sure I’ll at least be able to get one chapter up next week.

Update 8/31/16

Good Morning!

Well I wanted to pop in and say a bit more while I have the time on what I’ll have completed by this weekend.

I’ll be working on screenshots for the next Quest for Immortality chapter next. Its a little nerve-wrecking because I’m working with saved game files put back in after I seemed to get the game working right again. I’ll be figuring stuff out and starting on pictures tonight so I should have at least one chapter ready by the weekend. I’m hoping to complete another chapter this weekend also.

Long-term my goal with Quest for Immortality is to have Part 2 concluded by the end of the year and the story/challenge finished by next summer. I think its still possible even with how busy my family is keeping me right now. This means usually I’ll be posting/working on 1-3 chapters at a time when its this story’s turn.

If you are wondering why, its because with my family’s schedule finally slowing I’ll be trying to get my business up and running and it involves comics being released as well as videos. Simlit is fun but I need to try and use my talents to start earning some money also so as I complete a sim story its unlikely any new legacies will be started.

Quest for Immortality and the up-coming Morrison Mansion Myhem aren’t legacies and so will be the first to be completed. Then I’ll just concentrate on my legacies that I have which will free me up to spend time on my work related stuff more.

That’s all for now. If you like my writing enough to want to be on the list to be informed when my website is open please let me know in the comments and I will do so.

That’s it for now. Have a wonderful day.



Sunshine Blogger Award

Updated on 8/29/16. Check out # 4 to see my latest nomination.


I have been nominated by three lovely sim bloggers for this award and am accepting both at once.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
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Thanks and Acceptance

I would like to thank the following: I would Please click on this link to see it added to my Awards page:

  1. I was nominated on August 15, 2016er questions for me with my answers:
  • What are your greatest blogging-related moments or memories?

I think “greatest” is throwing me off in a bit in picking my answer. I’m not sure I think of anything I write or do as “great” so I’m thinking of it as “memorable”. My most memorable moment I guess was my first comment that praised me for my writing talent. It was a nice feeling to know at least one person was entertained by my writing.

  • What is the nicest place you have ever visited?

Hands down it was Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It was so beautiful.

  • What are your greatest positive qualities?

Why are all these questions making me feel like a braggart? I guess my best quality is my imagination or maybe my desire to be as kind to everyone as I can.

  • Why do you write? What are the things you like the most about writing?

I write as an outlet to express my imaginative musings. I like writing fantasy and sci-fi mostly because I enjoy escapism in my entertainment.

  • What do you do when it’s raining outside?

I usually put on my rain gear and go for a walk outside then I come in and have a cup of tea.

  • Favourite drink?

Earl Grey Tea.

  • Pet peeves?

I guess I’ll go with the thing on my mind at the moment which is how social justice warriors are taking over the internet.

  • Which superpower would you like to have?

I’d love to fly!

  • Which foreign language sounds especially nice in your opinion?

I like the sound of Japanese.

  • Do any of the characters you write have a specific voice that you hear whenever you write their lines?

All of my characters do actually. Is that weird?

  • What are some of the little things in life that make you happy?

A beautiful sunset, full moon or a good book.

2. I was nominated on August 20, 2016er questions and my answers:

  • What made you start writing your current story?

I am currently writing a lot of stories but I suppose most start with a character in mind. My newest story “The Last 100 Years” was created when I saw fox ears and tail on a site so I created a Gumiho character and envisioned K-Drama style story to feature him.

  • What would make you stop writing SimLit?

If I have more original works that gained a following I’d gravitate toward those. I’m not sure I’d totally stop since I tend to create lives for my sim characters.

  • Do you use CC in your game and why?

I do use CC for a variety of reasons. Some alter the game to allow for more autonomy options including the town citizens since I enjoy sims creating their own lives. I also have visual CC to customize appearance.

  • The best book (or movie) ever?

That’s a hard question. I tend to think in categories/genres but if I rank genre I’d go with my favorite fantasy book “Lord of the Rings” I guess.

  • Toddlers or no-toddlers and why?

I like family play and lifestyles so I really want toddlers.

  • Do you play other games than Sims?

Yes I do. I play a lot of strategy, MMOs and RPG games.

  • Your favorite spot in your home?

My backyard swing, especially at sunset.

  • Black or white and why?

Black since I like the night time.

  • What do you like doing the most in your Sim-game?

I love watching sims interact autonomously so I enjoy throwing some together and start them talking and seeing how they get along.

  • Which one of the Sims neighborhoods you like the most?

I really love Appalousa Plains in Sims 3.

  • Do you play more with male or female sims and why?

I don’t choose sims based on sex. I tend to gain favorites over time.

3. I was nominated on August 20, 2016 by

  • What made you want to write SimLit?

Its a natural progression for me to give a character I’ve designed visually a personality and backstory. I began to find Simlit stories and decided to start writing some stories to share around them.

  • What’s your favorite breakfast food?


  • Who is your favorite SimLit character (of your own creation, modified EA-generated, or base game)?

This is hard for me since I grow attached to many characters as I write them. I usually have a favorite in every story at some point. I guess my current favorite is Hanuel Cho in Last 100 Years.

  • What’s your favorite activity to do in the sun? (Figured I had to have one sunshine-related question in there, right?)


  • If you were facing the apocalypse, which one of your Sims characters would you want with you and why?

Again this one is hard. I suppose I’d love to have Rita Ambrose since she’d be fun to talk with.

  • Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get home to her chicks.

  • What’s the silliest or weirdest thing your Sims have ever done in game?

I’m not sure if I’d call it especially silly or strange but I think my most memorable first Sims 3 moment was when one sim just autonomously kissed the sim I took up to talk to her. It caught me so off-guard and it made me fall in love with autonomous sim behavior.

I also think I laughed the hardest when Liam (Quest for Immortality) walked over and kissed the Bast when one of his sons started flirting with her. It made me laugh so hard I wrote it into the story.

  • Have you ever written a fictional version of a significant event in your life in any of your SimLit stories?

Sort of, in a sense, if you count relationship dynamics I’ve experienced in my life. My stories are mostly fictional.

  • Name a character you love-to-hate (and this can from any source- i.e. games, books, movies, etc).

I guess my favorite villains, that I love to hate, are comic book/manga villains. I’d say its a close tie with Green Lantern’s Sinestro and Super Man’s Lex Luthor.

  •  Name three things (or people) that make you smile.

Drawing, writing and dancing make me smile.

  • If you could visit any fictional world, what would it be and why?

Hmm. I guess it would be the Elemental Masters universe by Mercades Lackey. I love how its an alternate world in Victorian England that is full of magic and characters based on fairy tales.

4. I was nominated on August 21, 2016 by roseinblack69 in this post found here. er questions and my answers:

1. What influenced you to write SimLit?

I started writing fan fiction in the 1990s and roleplaying online in MMOs so when I finally discovered Sims, with Sims 3, it was only natural for me to create backgrounds and stories. When I saw other people were posting their SimLit I jumped in with enthusiasm.

2. A story you’d like to write in the future

The two Sim Lit stories I would like to write but I haven’t gotten to yet is my Dark Sci-fi story “Morrison Mansion Mayhem” which sort of the tributes the classic horror/sci-fi style. Also, I really am considering doing a new take on a scuff time travel story I stopped writing a while ago.

3. What is your favorite character in your or stories written by others?

If you mean in current Sim Lit I’d say Lucas from Dust to Dust and Baby Love from Cutest Little Jazz Singer.

4. Do you plan your stories or you write them just watching your sims?

I do both. I try to pull in interesting things that happen in the game into a story but I always have an overall plan.

5. What is your favorite household of pre-mades?

That’s hard. In Sims 4 I only played with  Armand Diaggro and really like him. In Sims 3 I loved the Vandenburgs.

6.What would you like to see in The Sims 4 game in the future? 

I really want more life stages and also pets.

7. How long do you play The Sims?

Usually, 2-3 hour stretches about twice a week.

8. If you would be teleported into the sims world where would you like to live?

Appaloosa Plains.

9. If EA will decide to create The Sims 5 what will it be in your opinion?

I think is might be more of a hybrid of what we saw in Sims 3 and what we have in Sims 4. The world will be more open with better Sim interaction and AI.

10. Where do you gather the inspiration?

If a story is good it inspires me. I especially love myth, legends, and science fiction so you can see their influence by what I primarily choose to write.

11. What is more important in your opinion – pictures or storyline in SimLit? 

I feel they are equally important. I feel the traditional Sim Lit approach is more of a visual novel or comic style form of writing.

My Nominations

I’ll be nomination 11 bloggers below to start with:

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Here are my 11 questions for my nominated bloggers:

  1. Is writing just a hobby or do you want to make it a career?
  2. Which writers inspire you?
  3. So, what have you written?
  4. What genre do you like writing the most? What draws you to this genre?
  5. Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?
  6. For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books
  7. What book/s are you reading at present?
  8. What is your favourite movie and why?
  9. When do you write?
  10. Who is your favorite Simlit Author and why?
  11. What advice would you give to aspiring writers of Simlit?

LHY Chapter 1.2: Honor and Hot Dogs

Author’s note: When I first wrote the flashback I thought when it took place it would be considered the Joseon Period of Korean history but my dating actually would have been the later part of the Goryeo so I altered the time signatures to being around 500 years ago because I don’t think the Confucian-inspired court structure would’ve been in place 900 years ago then as it was a period of civil war resulting in the Joseon being established. Also, when I discovered this error I altered the dates in the story so my flashbacks can more easily fall into some of the time periods I want to include. I’m not good with math so that was my bad. 

I also want to apologise if there are more spelling mistakes than normal since my spell-checker has stopped working and I tend to miss things on my own.

Leanna was in shock. She felt like she must be living a nightmare because that’s the only way this day would make sense. She would’ve pinched herself to check if she was really awake if not for the black-and-blue marks on her arm where she’d tried it before.

Although the next day had already begun she hadn’t been able to sleep so she came to the library and picked up the journal laying on the desk hoping it was the one her Grandmother had told her was Auntie Hyun’s. Taking it to the living area she sat down and began thumbing through it.



Just as her Grandmother had said the first part was in Korean. She stopped as a photograph stuck in the pages caught her eye. It was of a family including two young girls, posing in front of what looked very much like the property in which she now sat.



Though they were much younger she could see the unmistakable features of her Grandmother and Great Aunt on the young women. Holding onto the photo she continued flipping through the Korean filled pages. She next found a series of photographs including one of Hanuel Cho.


Leanna smirked. “It looks like he wasn’t too happy with his picture being taken.”

She placed the family photograph on top of the others with a sigh. There was so much she didn’t know about her Great Aunt and Grandmother. What was is like growing up in this house? What kind of relationship did they have with the Gumiho she was now supposed to watch over?


“Is that Grandma and Auntie?” the voice of her brother startled her.

Leanna placed the journal on her lap and glanced over her shoulder at her twin. It surprised her how soothing his presence was to her but it had always been that way. She was the hot-headed one and Finn was calm and easy-going balancing her out.


“Well this is supposed to be Auntie Hyun’s journal so I think so.”


“You should ask the Fox. He should remember what they looked like at that age, right?”

Leanna grimaced. “He’s the last person, well creature, I’d ask.”

“It’s not like he’s going to disappear if you ignore him, Lee.” Finn sat across from her. She sat her book down musing at how mysteriously her brother seemed to cut through the crap and got straight to the heart of the matter. It was one of his simultaneously best and most annoying qualities.


“I know that but I’m not so sure I should be asking him stuff about the family. Grandma Hye warned he that he’d try to find ways to hurt me and so I think I should be cautious. She said to find out about Hanuel Cho by reading this journal first.”

“How? It looks like it’s in Korean?”

“Thanks, Captain Obvious! Not all of it is supposed to be but I will need to learn it to read this and the other journals.”


“So you’ll need a teacher?”


“How about my buddy Joe? He can read and speak Korean and he could use a few extra simoleans.”

Leanna narrowed her eyes. “Let me guess Finn, he’s one of your band bum buddies?”

“Hey, there is nothing wrong with making a living playing music.”


“If you’re making a living-”

“Don’t you start on me like mom and dad Leanna. I’ve offered to stay and help you haven’t I? I’m not afraid to work and I do work hard its just not that easy to get noticed by the right people.”

Leanna smiled thinking back to how her entire family had descended on the house when she called them. However, her smile quickly faded when she’d recalled just how much she’d realized her father had hidden from her for most of her life about the Park Family Legacy.


After the medical examiner had left with Grandma Hye’s remains she was slightly surprised how quickly her father had asked about Hanuel Cho.


“Is that freeloader still here?” Joon Park looked at Leanna gravely.

“If you mean the Gumiho, then yes, he must still be in his shrine I suppose.”


“Gumiho?” Finn frowned.

Leanna took a small bit of comfort from the confused expressions on her brother and mother’s faces. “Yeah Finn, it turns out the crazy story Auntie Hyun used to tell us is true. Apparently, she made me her heir and I’m supposed to take care of the Gumiho now. My head is spinning and I feel so lost, right now. Maybe I could do this if Grandma were still alive to help me but now-“


Leanna couldn’t hold the tears back and her father pulled her into his comforting arms as if she still were a child. “Leanna, I’m sorry. I tried to keep you and your brother safe by keeping you away from here but I think it made it worse in the end.”

“Leanna, please don’t tell me you believe all of your Grandmother and Aunt’s ravings?” The concern was evident on Laura Park’s face as Leanna’s eyes met hers. 


Releasing his daughter from his embrace Joon Park turned to his wife with a serious air. “No, Honey, she’s right. He really is a Gumiho. I met him that day and it was just easier to let you all think it was hallucinations. I didn’t want to pull you into this mess.”


“I don’t believe this!”

“I’m sorry Honey, I kept this from all of you. I foolishly thought any of us would have to face this burden.”

“So you’re telling me that man is actually a Korean fairy tale creature? How am I supposed to accept that?”

“I didn’t either mom, until Hanuel Cho changed right before my eyes.”


Her twin brother suddenly broke his silence injecting some sanity into the conversation. “Leanna, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, do you? There are other relatives in SimsKorea and SimAmerica-“


“No Finn, I’ve decided I should. Auntie Hyun and Grandma have put a lot of faith in me and after meeting Hanuel Cho I don’t think it’s wise to toss the responsibility for him around like a football.” Leanna remembered back to the Gumiho’s threats of escalation and was sure passing his custodianship on again would only make matters worse. All of the legends she was told as a child painted Gumiho as duplicative, beguiling and cruel creatures so she took his threat seriously.

“Are you sure Leanna? The day I met Hanuel Cho he was furious with both my mother and I for not wanting to be his custodians.”

“You met him, Joon?”

“That one day we came here when the kids were young, I met him, I saw the way he talked to my mother and I refused to even consider being the family Heir.”


“Yeah, he said you were “good-for-nothing” and “had no honor” when he met me. He didn’t like my attitude either.”

Leanna could only nod. She didn’t really understand the Korean view of respect her Great Aunt and Grandmother seemed to have. She could only imagine if they found her lacking in manners how would a thousands of years old relic of ancient Sim-Korea like Hanuel Cho think of her?

“Just what is our daughter getting into Joon?”

“I really don’t know much. Our family has passed down a legacy of caring for this Gumiho. I don’t know all of the histories but I know things were very rocky between my mother and aunt for a long time over her stepping down as heir. Mom never set foot here again until my father died. Then her attitude changed, she introduced me to the Gumiho and she started pressuring me to become the next heir.” Joon Park’s focus changed to his daughter. “When I refused both my Aunt and Grandma changed their focus to Leanna.”

Finn sat in a chair and rubbed his temples. “So Leanna is supposed to watch over this Gumiho who hates all of you?”

Leanna shook her head. “He seemed to be getting along with Grandma okay he just didn’t like my refusal to call him “Lord Cho” in Korean like I was a servant or something.”


“That’s it! I refuse to let you do this Leanna! How can you expect us to accept your doing this? You’d be alone with some antagonistic man or creature- I just can’t understand any of this-“


“She won’t be alone. I’ll move in here with Leanna.” Everyone turned toward Finn. “I won’t let my favorite sister face something like this on her own.”

Leanna realized she owed a lot to her brother. It was only because Finn had promised to stay with her that she  managed to get her parents to leave without them insisting on meeting Hanuel Cho. She’s certain that would’ve turned out badly.

“I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful Finn. Give this friend of yours a call. It can’t hurt. I need to learn to read Korean somehow and I suppose your friend is as good a way as any.”


“There’s the spirit!” He grinned at her. “So where is the mysterious Gumiho?”

“In his shrine I guess. I’m surprised he hasn’t come out yet. I guess he didn’t want to run into mom and dad?”

“He could be grieving in his own way too.”

Leanna frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Grandma and Auntie Hyun were a big part of his life so he’s got to feel something with them both dying two days apart, right?”

Leanna looked at her brother’s earnest face and wondered if he was, right. Did Hanuel Cho care at all about her Grandmother and Great Aunt? He was capable of emotion from what she’d seen but she’d just assumed he had been hiding all day because of all the strange humans running around. She hadn’t stopped to think that Hanuel Cho hadn’t emerged from his shrine even after her parents had left though.

“Maybe-” Leanna set her hand on her stomach as it gurgled.

“Hungry? I can make something if you want.” Finn got up and headed to the kitchen before she’d even answered. “There’s not much in this refrigerator.”

“It doesn’t matter as long as its food.” She said picking up the journal from the floor her eyes feel on the photograph of the Gumiho. “Make enough for Hanuel Cho too. I can’t let him starve and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t eaten anything today either.”


While her brother busied himself in the kitchen Leanna thumbed through the pages until she came to the first entry in English.


I’m very upset. Things didn’t go as I’d hoped but I’m sure my nephew will come to his senses at least in time for one of his children to be trained to take over the family legacy. Of course, it would be his oldest, Leanna that is would naturally fall to but there is also her twin brother if she refuses. Its for thier benefit I’m now writing this in english.

I suppose I should address this to you Leanna. I know it isn’t the easiest thing to agree to take on Daegam Cho but he isn’t entirely unreasonable. In fact, he has more of a heart than we Park’s give him credit for. Maybe because I haven’t had a family to distract me but I think I’ve come to understand him a little. There are times I feel as if he seems to enjoy my company though there still is a wall between us ever really being friends. Some of this comes from the hurt of what he feels is my sister’s betrayal. If you read the front of this book and see her entries then you might understand as well.

Though I might be able to tell you this in the future I suppose out of caution’s sake I will tell you this. There are written accounts for the last 500 years or so but there are a few accounts of events you should read more than others.  Most especially the incident with Park Soo Min has encouraged both sides to remain distant and separate so I encourage you read Park Young Jae’s account if you can though it is in Middle Korean and so will be harder for you to learn to read. If you first read this volume, containing my sister and I’s time with him it will help you deal with him better since we managed to establish a better rapport with him than our parents did at the very least.

Leanna, or perhaps Finn, I believe the key to finally reforming Hanuel Cho is friendship. You man think it sounds cliche or trite but that’s something that stood out to me. Korean convention might have made this harder for all the preceeding generations to connect with Hanuel Cho. The hundreds of years of developing a master/servant way of dealing with the Gumiho based on Josoen custom-

“Leanna come eat!”

Leanna looked up and saw Finn sitting at the counter and three bowls full of weiners and beans. “Thanks, but why are there three bowls?”


“You said to make some for the Fox-man, too right?”

“You should’ve left his in the shrine. I don’t think he’s allowed in our living area.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know-”


“It’s so I couldn’t try to eat any of their guests or seduce any of their women.”

They both looked up blinking to see Hanuel Cho.


“So you must be Hanuel Cho? I’m Finn, Leanna’s twin brother.”


“What is this? It doesn’t look like food-” The Gumiho ignored Finn’s greeting sniffing at the contents of the bowl with a strange expression.

“It’s weiners and beans and it’s all your going to get today so just eat it and don’t complain. I already have a headache.”

“No need to be so bossy, Lee. I’m used to it but he isn’t.” Finn gave the best smile he could manage to the Gumiho while he tried to ignore his sister’s glare. “I know it doesn’t look like much but you might like it. Gumiho are supposed to like hearts and livers from what I’ve been told they throw all kinds of that stuff into Hot Dogs.”

“Stop before I loose my appetite.” Leanna frowned at her bowl shaking her head.


While Finn and Leanna began eating Hanuel Cho gingerly picked up the spoon and picked up a piece of the link before chewing on it.

The twins exchanged silent glances as they tried to gauge the Gumiho’s fairly deadpan expression. They both relaxed when he continued to eat without comment. A nervous silence prevailed until he finally spoke.


“I like these Hot Dogs. You prepared these?” He gestured to Finn.

“Yeah, I did.” Finn answered.

“Then shall you be preparing my meals?”

“Sometimes, I’m not that great of a cook though but I’m better than Leanna.”

“Is this true?” He leveled a measured gaze at her.

Leanna cringed. “I’m afraid so. My mom’s done most of the cooking so far. When I was in school I pretty much ate out every night.”


The Gumiho muttered something in Korean and heaved an enormous sigh setting the bowl down on the counter. “If it’s inadequate I suppose I’ll have to start hunting again.”

Leanna gulped. “Like squirrels and mice?”

“Or the errant human.” He smirked mischievously.

“You’re not serious are you?” Finn coughed.

“I hope you aren’t serious.” Leanna felt an uneasy knot form in the pit of her stomach remembering his earlier threat.


“Why should it matter if I’ve eaten a few humans? You eat living beings as well or do you not believe that those creatures, those cows, chickens and pigs you eat have souls?”

“They aren’t like us though.”

“They aren’t alive?”

“Well, you can’t have a conversation with a cow.”

“Maybe you can’t but they can talk with each other. Perhaps their thoughts aren’t as complex but they have them. If it doesn’t bother you to eat a cow why should it bother me to eat a human?”

“Human and Gumiho seem a little more alike than a human and a cow.”

“There is a reason my kind are considered monsters by yours. I wouldn’t worry, though. I couldn’t eat you even if I wanted a scrawny and stringy meal.”

“Hey! I’m not scrawny!”

Finn interrupted with an uncomfortable grin.”Lee, I’m not sure you want to argue your edibility.”

“Keep me well fed Finn Park and you won’t have to worry.”


“This might not be as easy as I was imaging it to would be.” Finn frowned touching his temple.

“I don’t want to think about it anymore tonight.” Leanna closed her eyes suddenly feeling the weight of sleep caught up to her.


“You look as if you haven’t slept. I suppose I’ll have to do with these for now.” The Gumiho scooped up the bowl and exited the living area.


She wasn’t sure but she almost thought his eyes had landed on the journal for a moment as he passed.

“I’m going to try and get some rest. You should to Finn.”

“Yeah I can clean up.”

Leanna found the stairs and headed down to where she remembered her grandmother showing her where the bedrooms were located fervently hoping she would wake up in the morning to discover it really was all a bad dream.

  • I want to point out East Asian Folk Tales are influenced mostly by Animism blending with Confusionist Buddism so the beliefs Han expressed will reflect this. If you want to learn more about Korean mythology in general click here.





Update 8/13/16

Now it’s time for Good News/Bad News!

The Good News is that Sims 3 is working again and I still think I can finish the Last 100 Years chapter tomorrow.

The Bad News is that my family’s medical issues are far from being resolved and I’ll still be extra busy. I have no idea how much longer this will continue but I’m pretty sure there will be at least another month of this hectic insanity I’m living at the moment.

I’m aiming to have one update for each story out this month if possible. Thanks for your patience.

Update 8/5/16

Morning, everyone!

I’m sorry for being so quiet, but my schedule keeps changing. As I’ve mentioned, I have to deal with two family major medical issues right now, and both involve surgery.

Since last November I’ve been working on getting my mom hip surgery, and we’ve finally done everything the insurance needed to approve it. I also now have my sister who is disabled and might be getting a back surgery, but her neurosurgeon has to clear it. I also take care of my mom and dad as their caregiver, so this has been leaving me with little time.

Good News is I should at least have one chapter of LHY up this weekend and next week should allow me time to get Sims 3 working again. The bad news is that the rest of August will be busy. I also might not have a lot of time right after my mom’s surgery.

Given all of this, I’m scrapping any release schedule. If I manage to finish something I will post it. I’ll post a note once I know what I can post next week.